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KEY131436 - Workday Executive Keynote

Workday Co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri and other senior executives take the stage to provide a look into the future of Workday. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the innovation that’s driving the company and industry forward and hear how Workday is helping customers lead with certainty through the next wave of growth. 

Doors open at 08:40.

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DXL128638 - How Customers Find Value in the Combined Workday System

In this session, learn how companies are deploying Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management to realise differentiated value over the employee life cycle. Based on our Value Consulting engagements with Workday customers, this session shares common strategic and economic improvements these customers are realising across technology, transformation, and business effectiveness dimensions.

Breakout Session Sridhar Parameshwaran - Group Director, Value Management, Workday
Praveen Rajendran - Principal Value Manager, Workday
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DXLPS127740 - How to Delight the CEO with Your Project

In this session, learn how to approach and execute your project on time and on budget. Hear about the Workday deployment project from Finland’s oldest company, founded in 1649, that has grown through acquisition and is currently executing a global transformation strategy. Get tips and best practices for delivering a project on schedule and on budget when there is no such thing as a perfect project plan, requirements are not well documented, and you're implementing the first truly global business application in the company’s history.

Breakout Session Steve Seykora - Partner, Global Workday Operations, Mercer
Matthew Hanwell - Project Lead Global HR Systems, Fiskars Corporation
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DXLPS135000 - Drive Better Business Decisions with Advanced Reporting Dashboards in Workday

Your HR team helped configure Workday perfectly for the daily users. Now, despite large amounts of data at your fingertips, you need to package it in a format that enables your key executives and decision-makers to act. Join us to learn how you can take control of your data using built-in tools that harness the power of predictive analytics in Workday. Gain an understanding of how this information can enable better, more data-driven forecasting and transform your organisation from reactive to proactive.

Breakout Session Madeline Countess - Director, Consulting Services, Collaborative Solutions
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DXLPS140138 - PwC Shares Its Workday Story

Making the decision to move to Workday is significant, as it redefines how you manage your greatest asset: your people. PwC believed so much in Workday that the company purchased ita decision that has changed the game. Join this session to hear PwC's lessons learned, get answers to questions about Workday deployment and delivery, and see how Workday can help you make better decisions and save money.

Breakout Session James Walsh - People Strategy and Transformation Leader, PwC
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DXLPS144886 - How Travelex Mastered the Art of Possible: The Journey Starts at Go Live

Going live with Workday is a catalyst for digital transformation. How do you fully leverage technology innovation opportunities for better and faster impact? Join this session to learn how Travelex maximised its investment from day one and drove success post-production by developing a roadmap to manage biannual releases, expand functionality, and realise continued adoption.

Breakout Session Claire Woolley - Head of HR Technology, Travelex
Dale Shephard - Director of Business Development EMEA, OneSource Virtual
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FIN130303 - Accounting Executive Panel: Using Workday Financial Management to Transform the Accounting Function

In this panel session, leading accounting executives share how they are using Workday Financial Management to transform the accounting function at their organisations, with a special focus on the close process. Join us to find out what they have learned and discover some best practices.

Breakout Session Peter McKeown - Deputy CFO, Kainos
Tim Wakeford - VP Financials Product Strategy, Workday
Lena Shishkina - Vice President, Finance, Workday
Thomas Schroeder III - Global Financials Practice Lead, Alight Solutions
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HCMPS147424 - Going Digital with Adobe Sign and Workday: The Digital Transformation Story with Asurion

Join this session to hear how digital transformation is the revolution to standout customer experiences that drive business impact. Learn how customers like Asurion have digitised their business processes with Adobe Sign for Workday across the HR lifecycle, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and physical signatures.

Breakout Session Caroline Porteous - Head of Adobe Sign EMEA, Adobe Systems
Steven Voss - Senior Global HR Technology Analyst, Asurion
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PAY128869 - Customer Panel: Workday Absence Management

Listen as customers speak about their experiences using Workday Absence Management. Learn some best practices and about the benefits realised.

Breakout Session Giannandrea Bolla - HRIS Project and Solution Manager, Louis Dreyfus Company
Karen Chow - Sr. Manager, TFO Technology,
Arie Vos - Business Process Owner, Payroll Processing, Philips Lighting
Adam Dunne - Manager, Product Management, Workday
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PSV130942 - Workday Human Capital Management: Strategy and Vision Keynote

Join us to learn how Workday is investing in and developing Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to address the biggest trends in HR. We’ll take you on a journey through the latest innovations in Workday HCM, as well as paint a picture of where we are headed. Hear from our customers about building cultures of connection and purpose, and how they are elevating the employee experience. See how analytics are reshaping the world of HR, and how Workday incorporates analytics to provide insights for everyone across the organisation.

Keynote Rob Cook - VP HR Systems, Centrica PLC
Cristina Goldt - Vice President, HCM Product Management, Workday
Mark Judd - Vice President, HCM Product Strategy, EMEA, Workday
Marlene Scholtz - Director, Product Marketing, Workday
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TECH123135 - Using Collective Ingenuity to Reduce Risk During Deployment and Evolve with the Business

Booz Allen Hamilton found that a system change impacting its talent was a daunting task that required a team with passionate service skills and collective ingenuity. The company deployed Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Recruiting, and developed more than 110 integrations. Three months after go-live, Booz Allen experienced a reorganisation, acquired a company, launched the yearly performance process and advanced comp, and delivered more than 200 reports and dashboards. Join this session to hear about the (mostly) good, bad, and ugly of its Workday journey.

Breakout Session Marisa Santisi - Director HR Technology & Strategy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Courtney Tarquinio - Senior Manager, Workday Operations Team, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
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TECH127663 - Workday Data-as-a-Service: Using Benchmarking in Workday to Drive Business Decisions

This session covers the new benchmarking functionality as part of the Workday Data-as-a-Service offering. In this session, learn what benchmarking is, find out how you can opt-in, and discover the more than 25 benchmarks available to you right out of the box. Explore which Workday-delivered reports can get you started with benchmarking quickly, and how you can build your own custom reports to compare your business KPIs with those of your peers. See a demo and get a sneak peek into the roadmap for benchmarking in Workday.

Breakout Session Chandni Dhanjal - Senior Product Manager, Workday
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TECH128427 - Security Best Practices—Inside and Outside

This session discusses the measures Workday takes to keep your data safe, and how you can protect your data with our best-in-class security tools. Hear about the recent security developments and innovations, as well as the leading practices we recommend that our customers adopt. Learn about the Workday trust programme, and get an overview of all the security operations processes we follow to safeguard your tenant.

Breakout Session Archana Ramamoorthy - Senior Manager, Product Management, Workday
Stephen Boyle - Chief Trust Officer, EMEA, Workday
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DXLPS128652 - In Perfect Harmony: Aligning Your Workday and Business Roadmap

Join this session to hear how to take your Workday deployment to the next level and strategically leverage your post go-live services to maximise your ROI and success with Workday. Hear why your HRIS roadmap is crucial to your business achieving its key objectives and how you can best build robust foundations for future success.

Breakout Session Ayaan Daniel Chitty - AMS Account Manager, Alight Solutions
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PAYTT130144 - Global Workday Payroll Integration

Join this session to learn best practices for global Workday Payroll integration.

Tips and Tricks Jayashree Varahan - Director, Global Payroll Product Management, Workday
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DXLTT127305 - A Year in Review with Centrica: Lessons Learned in the Creation of a Workday Support Team

Join this session to hear from Centrica about the key lessons the company learned from its Workday deployment and first year in production. Hear how Centrica continues to refine its Workday support structure including Workday sponsors, evaluating the team and its responsibilities, and more.

Tips and Tricks Kev Biscombe - Director, HR Change and Programmes, Centrica PLC
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DXLPS140127 - Continuous Transformation Through Post-Production Support

Finance and HR transformation is a continuous process, and your company looks to you and your team to ensure you’re getting the maximum return and continuing to optimise internal processes. There’s roadmap planning, reporting and analytics (oh, the horror!), and of course, all the key annual events to tackle, such as open enrollment and financials year-end close. If you’re not leveraging your deployment partner for the right post-production support, you’ll get left behind. Join this session to learn more.

Breakout Session Madeline Countess - Director, Consulting Services, Collaborative Solutions
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DXL120333 - Maximising Your Workday Investment: Continuous Improvement and Driving Adoption

Discover how these Workday customers have made Workday a centrepiece of their drive to be a "Great Place to Work" through the ongoing and successful adoption of additional modules and features.

Breakout Session Matthew Hanwell - Project Lead Global HR Systems, Fiskars Corporation
Russell Smith - Head HR, Legal and Global Compliance IT, AstraZeneca
Oliver Kasper - Director Process, Systems & Analytics, Swarovski
Therese Nyberg - Customer Success Manager, Workday
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DXL127722 - #AchieveMore: TomTom's Impactful Launch

Join this session to hear TomTom's success story about how the company achieved full employee engagement of the Workday suite, with all employees in the system and 20 percent of its workforce using the mobile application within seven weeks of launch.

Breakout Session Mairead MacLure - VP, Rewards & HR Technology, TomTom
Andrew Moroney - Manager HRIS, TomTom
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HCM127750 - Talent and Performance Links to Workday Recruiting

Learn how the deployment of Workday Talent Management, Workday Recruiting, and performance management functionality helped Philips understand the benefits of an integrated system, as well as the importance of data in driving accurate analytics and insights for its HR teams and managers. Learn how this integrated system and meaningful analytics indicators helped the company drive internal mobility, and hear about its strategic HR agenda through 2019.

Breakout Session Efthymios Zindros - Workday Architect, Philips
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HCM129253 - Advanced Calibration in Workday

If you're a long-time user of the calibration feature in Workday and want to know how the latest enhancements can impact your processes, or how to optimise them going forward, then this session is for you. Take a deep-dive and learn how the latest enhancements, including reorganisations, can enable your calibration processes to align better with business operations.

Breakout Session Billie Chow - Product Manager, Workday
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HCM129511 - General Data Protection Regulation, Privacy, and More in Workday

Join the Workday chief privacy officer and Workday Human Capital Management product managers to learn about product enhancements for supporting your compliance and privacy needs.

Breakout Session Stacie Overbaugh - Senior Director, HCM Product Management, Workday
Barbara Cosgrove - VP, Chief Privacy Officer, Workday
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HCMPS146671 - VELUX Case Study: Going Global in a GDPR World

The deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is rapidly approaching and many organisations are not prepared. Learn how the VELUX Group, a market-leading global manufacturer in 40 countries, used Workday to build a new employee data platform and global standardisation, and revamp its fragmented systems and local processes to get ready for GDPR.

Breakout Session Karine Storgaard - Denmark, Accenture DayNine
Jacob Kjeldgaard Olsen - Senior Director, Stategy and Change, VELUX
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HOL130921 - Hands-On Lab: Maximise Employee Engagement with the Workday Technology Platform

This hands-on lab demonstrates simple ways to personalise, inform, and extend the Workday technology platform to engage your employees. Learn how this powerful set of tools enables you to personalise time-consuming business processes and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Hands-On Lab Dan Wallace - Senior Solution Architect, Workday
Valerie Boisse - Senior Solution Architect, Workday
Susan Owens - Senior Solution Architect, Workday
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HOL130924 - Hands-On Lab: Leveraging the Analytics Functionality in Workday for Enhanced Business Insights

This hands-on lab reviews how to leverage the analytics functionality in Workday to improve and enhance business insights for better-informed decision-making.

Hands-On Lab Geoff Crouch - Solution Architect, Workday
Vicki Drury - Principal Solution Architect, Workday
Christine Vargas - Master Solution Architect, Workday
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PAY128864 - Workday Absence Management: Short Stories

Join us as we share multiple short stories that walk you through functionality and best practices for key Workday Absence Management features, such as unified absence experience, absence tiers, team time off, and reporting. All of these features are easy to deploy and can help streamline your processes whether you’re already live or in the middle of deployment.

Breakout Session Mike Cammack - Product Manager, Workday
Alan Crowley - Product Manager, Workday
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PAY128868 - Using Workday Payroll for the UK

Whether you're considering purchasing Workday Payroll for the UK, are currently deploying it, or are already using it, join this session for a demo that showcases some of the latest features. Listen as OVO Energy discusses its deployment project and drivers for change, the challenges faced, and benefits realised, plus advice for new customers considering Workday Payroll for the UK.

Breakout Session Faye Mitchell - Workday Systems Analyst, OVO Energy
Vanessa Shiels Combe - Director, Product Management, Workday
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PSV130940 - Workday Financial Management: Strategy and Vision Keynote

Workday has emerged as a clear leader in true cloud financial management solutions. Join us as we share our vision for strategic investments in mission-critical capabilities around financials, revenue, spend, planning, and analytics for today’s global organisations. Hear from your peers as well about how they’ve leveraged Workday Financial Management to solve business problems and project value back into their organisations.

Keynote Rogier Sparreboom - Controller & CFO Benelux, Aon
Graeme Cobb - Head of Finance Systems & Workday Financials Architect, Nuffield Health
Dominic Kellermann - Director, Financials Product Strategy, Workday
Benoit Le Tohic - Solution Consultant, Workday
Brian Montgomery - Director, Finance, Workday
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TBL130910R1 - Best Practices for Reviewing, Testing, and Utilising New Features with Each Workday Feature Release

How do you prepare for a Workday feature release? Do you have a specific testing methodology for each feature release? How do you identify the enhancements you will turn on right away versus those you will turn on in the next six months? Whether you have been through one or several feature releases, join this session to share your best practices and lessons learned, as well as to network with others and learn from their experiences.

Note: This session repeats. Please check the Table Talks schedule for other available time slots.

Table Talks Remy Fellmann - Customer Success Manager, Workday
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TBL130912R1 - Leveraging Workday Community to Your Advantage

Paying it forward is a huge driver within Workday Community. In this session, connect with other Workday customers to discuss the most valuable information and solutions you have discovered from Workday Community. Take this opportunity to share your tips and tricks for getting the most out of what Workday Community has to offer.

Note: This session repeats. Please check the Table Talks schedule for other available time slots.

Table Talks Vincent Proust - Customer Success Manager, Workday
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TECH128365 - Going Global with Workday

Are you planning to roll out Workday to more than one country? Join this session to discover all the available tools and settings you can configure to make Workday relevant to your colleagues around the world. Walk through global setups such as time zones, locales, and languages to help you understand what drives the default look-and-feel. Explore various configurations of addresses, names, notice and probation periods, holiday calendars, and more to localise your Workday experience.

Breakout Session Michele Gravina - Senior Associate Product Manager, Workday
Sabine Hagege - Director, Product Management, Workday
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TECH129448 - Workday Prism Analytics Overview and Vision

Workday Prism Analytics enables you to bring together your Workday and non-Workday data to support decision-making in your organisation. Join the discussion on why you need Workday Prism Analytics, and hear our vision for the future of analytics in the cloud and for Workday Prism Analytics in Workday 29. A live demonstration of how Workday customers are using the application illustrates self-service data preparation, data management, data governance, and reporting.

Breakout Session Pete Schlampp - Vice President, Workday Analytics, Workday
Mark Melton - Director, Customer Operations, Workday Prism Analytics, Workday
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TECHPS140143 - G-Pay'r Unified Global Payroll Report

IBM's European Workday integration leader provides insights into G-Pay'r, a single unified global payroll report designed to replace multiple payroll reports per country and reduce payroll reporting FTEs.

Breakout Session Cian Egan - Workday Integration Practice Lead, IBM
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HCMTT129845 - My Team Dashboard in Workday

Join us to discover how you can empower your managers with the revamped my team dashboard. Learn how easy it is to set up this one-stop shop for your first-line managers.

Tips and Tricks Nikeeta Sharma - Manager, Product Management, Workday
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FINPS147429 - Customer Case Study: Using a Single Cloud-Based Technology Platform and Analytics to Create Winning Business Systems

This session explores the full technology platform deployment at Southampton Football Club with a focus on the technology back-office advancements. Hear how the use of the club's data and real-time analytics helped streamline its back-office processes. Find out how a single back-office technology platform enables finance and HR to be more efficient, effective, and focused on commercial activity.

Breakout Session Shane Afolabi - Manager, PwC
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FINTT130300 - Getting Started with Financial Composite Reporting

Never built a financial composite report? No problem. Join this session for a demonstration on how to easily configure an income statement in under five minutes! Learn about the Workday-delivered income statement and balance sheet, and see how to deploy them with configurable rows and columns.

Tips and Tricks Benjamin Alloul - Enterprise Architect, Workday
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DXL126506 - Sustaining Workday: Building an Effective Support Team

This presentation focuses on key considerations for aligning resources to operate Workday effectively after go-live. Should you use employees, partners, or a combination of both? Join us to find out.

Breakout Session Clare Hickie - Head of HR Technology Services, GSK
Matti-Esko Seppä - Head of Workday and People Analytics, Tieto
Julie Egan - Director, Workday Configuration and Support, Centrica PLC
Breffni Hannon - Director, Customer Support, Workday
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DXL127741 - Workday Usage Metrics: Reporting Improvements on Overall Utilisation and End-User Adoption

Recently delivered usage metric reports on end-user behaviour can help customers with the challenges of tenant optimisation and continuing adoption. It is part of a programme to enhance the relevance and quality of usage metrics. Join this session to hear how Rolls-Royce utilises this new reporting functionality in management dashboards and about its process improvement operations.

Breakout Session Nancy Chadwick - Global HRIS Workday Manager, Rolls-Royce
Mike Hagerty - Director, Product Management, Workday
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FIN130284 - Introduction to Workday Financial Management

Ever wonder why a new accounting system never quite measures up to the promises made? Traditional accounting systems were architected the same way, but this session shares why Workday is different, designed from the beginning to address top challenges from traditional systems. Join this session to hear how Workday supports your business today and in the future with a unique data model that can dramatically increase the value that your financials system brings to your organisation.

Breakout Session Brian Montgomery - Director, Finance, Workday
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FINPS146688 - Finance in a Digital World with Workday: The Future of Finance in the Age of Digital Disruption

While digital represents opportunities to gain greater insight from information, it is also rapidly disrupting the operations of some finance organisations. How can CFOs take advantage of these technology changes to create value for their company? Join this session to learn about the implications technology disruption has on financial management and how disruptive applications, such as Workday Planning and Workday Prism Analytics, can help CFOs improve operations and get a better vision into the business.

Breakout Session Matthew Schwenderman - Partner, Deloitte
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HCM127542 - Achieving Operational Excellence and Meeting Local Requirements

Join us to discover how Workday can help you automate processes and meet local requirements. Learn how to keep track of notice period obligations or default probation period end date depending on country legislation, as well as how to configure fields based on country requirements.

Breakout Session Sabine Hagege - Director, Product Management, Workday
Nikeeta Sharma - Manager, Product Management, Workday
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HCM129149 - The Workday Recruiting Journey: Customer Perspective

Join this discussion with customers to learn how they have approached the design and deployment of Workday Recruiting, as well as how they are gaining value with a combined system. The panelists provide insights and lessons learned around specific global considerations, such as change management, local versus global design decisions, and translations. Hear about their current state now that they are live, and what they are looking forward to next.

Breakout Session Hanne Sætherø - Head of HR Infrastructure, P&C Insurance
Alexis Martin - Workday Architect, Sanofi
Peter Feilden - HR IT EMEA Business Relationship Manager, AstraZeneca
Nancy Weitl - Senior Director, Recruiting Product Management, Workday
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HCM129249 - What’s New and What’s Next with Workday Talent Management

Workday Talent Management and performance management are in for a lot of change with new features, frameworks, and enhancements on the way. This roadmap presentation covers themes in the space, and the upcoming feature functionality that will enable you to be a leader in the space.

Breakout Session Billie Chow - Product Manager, Workday
Luke Egenolf - Product Manager, Workday
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HCM129447 - Introduction to Workday Workforce Planning

Join this session to learn more about the new Workday approach to workforce planning with Workday Workforce Planning. Workday product managers share the basics of configuring a head-count plan, and explain how early adopters are using Workday Workforce Planning to achieve a core business need for workforce and financial planning in one system.

Breakout Session Aidan Mitchell - Sr. Director, Product Management, Workday
Andrew Kershaw - VP, Productivity Technology, Workday
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HCMPS127742 - HR Transformation: The Here, the Now, and the Ever-Changing Future

Gain insights into how Aegon managed multiple Workday projects, business-as-usual initiatives, and Workday releases to achieve continuous improvement and avoid lengthy global freezes. Explore how local and global operations develop and transform through the deployment of Workday, how the project can be used as an opportunity, and the difficulties that arise across subsidiaries and divisions.

Breakout Session Amanda Sanderson - Senior Manager, KPMG
Xander Merkelbach - Program manager, Aegon
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PAY120335 - Workday Time Tracking: Successfully Deploying One System to Multiple Markets

Over the past 18 months, AstraZeneca has deployed Workday Time Tracking to employees in more than 50 countries. Supported by simplified global and local processes, the Workday system has succeeded in saving managers a significant amount of time. Join this session to learn more about the delivery approach and to take a deep-dive into a selection of countries with diverse local requirements.

Breakout Session Helen Ånestrand - Global Payroll Director, AstraZeneca
Jo Edwards - Lead Project Manager Workday Time, AstraZeneca
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PAY128861 - Workday Payroll for Global Companies

Join this session to learn how Workday Payroll for the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and France can support the payroll needs of global companies. Hear more about Workday Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll and the seamless integration through VPS.

Breakout Session Vanessa Shiels Combe - Director, Product Management, Workday
Jayashree Varahan - Director, Global Payroll Product Management, Workday
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PSV130943 - Workday Technology and Analytics: Strategy and Vision Keynote

At Workday, we invest in the latest innovations in technology to not only help you manage today’s fast pace of change, but to also give you the edge to stay ahead of it. Combine the latest innovations in technology with the insights you can achieve through analytics, and you have the ingredients of a business ready to continuously grow with opportunity. That’s what guides our focus on innovation in technology and analytics that powers all Workday applications. Learn how our investments in analytics drive better decision-making, and how our new tools and frameworks help you adapt to change faster than ever. See how our technological innovation helps your organisation achieve its goals better and faster, without ever slowing you down.

Keynote David Clarke - SVP, Tools Development, Workday
Pete Schlampp - Vice President, Workday Analytics, Workday
Christelle Zenoni - Solution Consultant, Workday
Mark Melton - Director, Customer Operations, Workday Prism Analytics, Workday
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TBL130914R1 - Countdown to the General Data Protection Regulation

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, and will have broad implications on how employee data is managed. Join this session to share how your organisation is preparing for GDPR, and hear how other organisations are approaching the same challenge.

Note: This session repeats. Please check the Table Talks schedule for other available time slots.

Table Talks Stacie Overbaugh - Senior Director, HCM Product Management, Workday
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TBL130917R1 - What Is Your Approach to Mobile Adoption?

Giving your organisation mobile access to key Workday applications is an easy way for your people to get instant added value. Are you interested in learning about key use cases for mobile and the journey that your peers have taken for successful mobile adoption? Join this discussion to learn how to get your people and processes ready to go mobile.

Note: This session repeats. Please check the Table Talks schedule for other available time slots.

Table Talks Nick Reynolds - Manager, Product Management, Workday
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